Profusion Cosmetics Bright Lights Pastel Eyeliner, Mint

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  • Profusion Bright Lights Neon & Pastel Graphic Liners Comes in 6-different colors such as Blue, Lavender, Mint, Orange, etc., and materials to make the eyes highly pigmented. Prepare to stand out this summer with our vibrant liquid eyeliners! These colorful eyeliners come in a variety of colours to match any style, making them ideal for creating stunning and enjoyable looks at festivals, parties, and other events. Our liquid eyeliners will make your eyes shine out whether you're opting for a strong, neon appearance or a softer, pastel burst. So use our colorful liquid eyeliners to add some color to your summer beauty regimen and get ready to turn attention! Highly pigmented, easy to apply and colored, natural and comfortable formula that glides on smoothly, the high precision tip that draws a sharp line, intense coloring

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